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The Law Firm of Cox, Keller & Lusardi provides debt relief services through bankruptcy to clients in Beavercreek, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Whether your financially difficulty was caused by a serious injury or illness, job loss, or another situation, bankruptcy can provide a viable option to stop foreclosure, garnishments, and creditor harassment, so you can begin to rebuild your life.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is fast, enables most unsecured debts to be discharged within four to six months, stops judgments and wage garnishments, and temporarily delays foreclosures. Not all debt can be discharged under Chapter 7, such as tax liens, student loans, alimony, and child support. The bankrutpcy remains on your credit report for ten years and you can only file once every eight years.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy reduces or erases some unsecured debt and provides the opportunity to reschedule your debts for lower payments and make up arrearages on mortgages and car payments over a period of time, so you can keep your home. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can explain your options and help determine which type of bankruptcy is the best solution in your situation

Our bankruptcy attorneys provide experienced representation and effective debt relief solutions to clients in Beavercreek, Ohio and the surrounding areas. We will evaluate your situation as it applies to bankruptcy law, help you determine the best solution for you, and guide you through the entire process. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney, please contact our law firm today at 937-372-6921.

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