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How Much Does it Cost to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ohio?

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to bankruptcy is, how much does it cost? This is understandable given that those seeking bankruptcy are in difficult financial situations and are turning to bankruptcy for some relief. Here, we will discuss the expenses associated with filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio.

How Much Does it Cost to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ohio?

There are several fees associated with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio that you should be aware of. For instance, there are fees associated with credit counseling courses that are required pursuant to Ohio bankruptcy laws. Prior to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio, you must participate in a mandatory credit counseling course administered by an approved provider. You can find a list of approved providers on the bankruptcy court’s website. You must take a second credit counseling course after you have filed. The total cost of these courses, however, should not be greater than $50.

There is also a filing fee attached to fining Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ohio. Currently, the filing fee is at $335. This fee must be paid in full either by cash (exact amount only), money order, or cashier’s check that is made payable to Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court. In the event that you are unable to afford the filing fee, you may apply for a fee waiver. You need to, however, earn below 150% of the federal poverty line. The application for a fee waiver will be revied by the bankruptcy court. Should the court approve the waiver, you will not be required to pay it. Should the court deny the waiver, you may wish to request that you be allowed to pay the fee in installments.

Should you retain legal counsel for your bankruptcy, you will usually be responsible for paying attorney’s fees. Having trusted legal counsel by your side through the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings can help you protect and pursue your best interests as you move towards a better financial future. Attorney’s fees will vary on a case by case basis. More complex cases will generally cost more than more straightforward cases. In bankruptcy cases, there are several factors that may make things more legally complex and lead to higher attorney fees. For instance, cases that involve both personal and business bankruptcies simultaneously can complicated things. Other things that may lead to increased fees include:

  • Having multiple sources of income
  • Earning above Ohio’s average income level for your household’s size
  • Larger numbers of creditors
  • Having a previous bankruptcy case within the past 8 years
  • Having non-dischargeable debts such as student loans, outstanding tax obligations, and child support
  • Any accusations of fraud or suspected fraudulent activity
  • Putting a stop to legal action taken such as bank levies, evictions, or property repossession

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